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The Most Popular Cutting Styles of Gaskets & Their Advantages

Posted by Bobby Nelson on Feb 18, 2020 10:06:26 AM
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Lathe cut gaskets are a great alternative for o-rings, washers seals, and other molded gaskets in a variety of applications. With lathe cut, there is little or no tooling costs, smaller orders, the ability to make design changes easily, and rapid prototyping can be done in just one week, all with our in-house engineering support team. In today’s blog post, Grand River Rubber & Plastics is going to take a deep dive into some of the different gasket cutting styles and their advantages. 


The square cut is the most popular cut for lathe cut gaskets. The biggest difference between each of the lathe cut seals is the cross-section in each. The square cross-section provides a wider sealing surface and superior resistance to compression than molded o-rings, seals and gaskets. The wall thickness and the cut thickness is the same, otherwise known as square cut rings.


Cylindrical lathe cut gaskets provide a larger cut. Usually used as a bumper, roller or even in a noise-reducing application. Lathe cut gaskets provide more flexibility in their shape and size, which is clear when looking at the cylindrical cut. The cylindrical cut has a thicker seal surface that can endure high levels of pressure. 

Angular/Parallel Cut

Angular/Parallel cut gaskets are much like a square cut gasket with the difference being that the cut is made coming in from the top and at a specified angle.  Both the ID and the OD of the gasket are at the same angle running “parallel” to each other.


Bevel or chamfer cut gaskets are used in high-performance sealing applications where the demanding requirements justify a higher cost compared to a square cut. Our capabilities include both single and double bevel cuts on the outside diameter. Bevel/Chamfer cuts give users the option of doubling up on these seals and the surface can be set on both the inside and outside of a radial surface. It also has the ability to handle pressure better than simple gaskets or o-rings. This type of cut is usually used to make the assembly process easier or it can take the place of an o-ring application.

Customers at Grand River may call their sealing solution rubber gaskets, washers, rollers, grommets, square-cut rings, or even square cut o-rings. No matter what you call your sealing solution, Grand River is prepared to help you develop products tailored to your application. We are proud to develop custom high-performance lathe cut gaskets for OEM solutions.

Need assistance with your next application? Our engineers can develop an optimized solution that balances performance and economy. With production approaching 1.5 million pieces per day, we have the experience to get the job done right and the capacity to deliver on time. 


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