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Supply Chain Disruptions and What Grand River Rubber is Doing About It

Posted by Alan Blankenship on Apr 29, 2021 12:19:35 PM

We hear you. We feel your pain. And, we’re taking steps to mitigate the supply chain issues impacting our industry and countless other manufacturers. Many of the key materials we rely on to manufacturer your lathe cut gaskets have seen worldwide shortages and delays. Materials such as Viton & FKM (fluoroelastomers), as well various grades of EPDM have been at risk for shortages. While there are many factors, this article in Rubber & Plastics News “Supply chains strained by misplaced shipping containers, grounded flights, high prices” sheds light on just how complicated global trade has become. And, toss in a blocked (Suez) canal and we realize just how intricate and volatile supply has become for US manufacturers.


What is Grand River doing about supply disruptions?


  • Constant Communications: first, we are maintaining increased discussions with our polymer suppliers. We’re working closely to strategize around shipments, volume requirements, and delivery schedules


  • We are (constantly) adjusting our order patterns. Because we maintain a cross-trained, flexible, and multiple-shift workforce, we are forecasting production and when delayed materials arrive, shifting our order production patterns to quickly and efficiently prioritize those orders that can benefit from the materials on our factory floor


  • Our customer service team is making every effort to notify our customers of the status, anticipated delays, and delivery of their products.

How can you help?

Our customers can help by forecasting their orders for the next 90-120 days. We value your business and partnering on the planning can certainly help us strategize, together, a go-forward production process. We made it through an unprecedented, hopefully, once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. Grand River Rubber & Plastics is proud that we worked every day and we're currently hiring for all three shifts in Ashtabula Ohio.

While much of the shortages and delays are outside of our control, what is within our control is our continued commitment to you, our customers. We are predicting supply chain disruptions through late summer, 2021. If you have a specific concern or simply want a personal update on your order or project, please contact me Alan Blankenship, Product Manager at (440) 998-2900 Ext 154 or

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