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Meet the Roberts: Teammates in Business and in Life

Posted by Alan Blankenship on May 20, 2024 1:47:44 PM

Do couples that work well together at home also thrive together in the workplace? Well, for Kevin and Monica Roberts, that’s absolutely the case. Kevin, Machine Setup Lathe Cut, and Monica, Quality Assurance Specialist, both share a passion in their home life and for their work at Grand River Rubber and Plastics. Kevin joined the team in June of 2004, while Monica came on board in November of 2023. 

Both Monica and Kevin take great pride in what they do. They find it very rewarding to solve problems and develop ways to improve processes in their respective roles. They have been married for 15 adventure-filled years. They’ve been each other's biggest fans, game-day rivals, and best friends. Their journey at Grand River is a testament to family values and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Join us as we learn more about the Roberts family.


Please tell us about your education and career path on your way to Grand River.

Kevin: I actually spent 20 years in the restaurant business with the last 7 years operating my own store.

Monica: Progressing from retail customer service and credit management to managerial positions, I’ve had the opportunity to guide teams towards success in sales and operations, while fostering a positive work environment. 

What departments have you worked in at Grand River? 

Kevin: I’ve worked 4 positions within the lathe cut department.

Monica: Quality assurance.

What machines and materials have you worked with?

Kevin: Primarily bayonet lathes and grinders. Spent some time in service and supply which entailed the use of a lift truck. I’ve worked with every compound used in lathe cut. 

Monica: In my role as a quality assurance specialist at GRRP, I’ve worked with various gauges and rubber materials, ensuring their quality and compliance with standards.

What do you enjoy most about the work you do? 

Kevin: The freedom to troubleshoot and develop ways to improve the processes.

Monica: I enjoy ensuring product quality and working as a team to meet customer expectations. Solving problems to improve processes is particularly rewarding. Polish_20240321_164718606

What is an area or a specialty of Grand River that you are particularly proud of? 

Kevin: Our ability to expedite jobs through the entire process if a customer needs the product asap. We take it personally.

Monica: I’m proud of our dedication to our customers and our pursuit of excellence in product quality. 

How would you describe a “typical” work week?

Kevin: The same concept but different work and workload daily.

Monica: My typical week involves interacting with customers, addressing their needs, and working with our dedicated team to resolve any issues that arise to ensure their satisfaction.

What have you learned about the industry, and what trends or changes are you following in the industry and/or in the NE Ohio manufacturing scene?

Kevin: I’ve learned what a wide variety of functions our product supports. Actually, I would be interested to know more about the applications of our different products. I’ve also learned how essential our product line is (during a pandemic our parts were needed).

Monica: In my training and ongoing learning, I’ve realized the importance of staying updated on industry changes, and I’m eager to learn more about various aspects of the field.

Now for the fun stuff! When you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing? (Hobbies, sports, volunteering, etc.)

Kevin: Wrenching on and riding motorcycles as well as cars. Kayaking and dining out are high on the list. 

Monica: I always look forward to spending time with my loved ones, especially outdoors! I’m always excited to go kayaking, riding, boating, swimming, tubing, paddleboarding, and cheering for the Cleveland Browns! Our favorite ways to unwind are visiting wineries and beaches, playing with our pups, watching the Office, relaxing by a fire and tailgating with our family and friends.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be “when you grew up”? 

Kevin: I wanted to work in the medical field. Those plans changed lol.

Monica: My dream profession has changed many times over the years. I’m happy that I have found my career in Quality with an outstanding team!

Please share anything you’re comfortable including about where you live (city/area), hang out, or who you hang with (spouse/children/pets). 

Kevin: I reside in Roaming Shores with my wife. We have 4 grown children and 2 dogs. Polish_20240515_080342202-1

Monica: My husband and I live in Roaming Shores, OH with our fur babies Kaeli & Ollie.

Do you have any favorite foods, celebrities, or root for certain sports teams?

Kevin: Pizza and steak are high on my list. I’ve been an avid Steelers fan since the early 70’s.

Monica: My husband’s cooking is my favorite. He has turned me into a food snob lol!  When it comes to celebrities, I admire those who use their platform to make a positive impact and give praise to God.  I am a die-hard Cleveland Browns fan! I’m thinking next year is our year! 😉

The Roberts family is truly a dynamic duo that has mastered the balance between a wonderful home and work life. We are honored that they have chosen to be part of the Grand River Rubber and Plastics family and we can’t wait to see where their careers will take them.